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What Sets Eye Center of St. Augustine Apart

Since 1974, Eye Center of St. Augustine has served the St. Augustine area with a commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate eye care to patients of all ages. We strive to achieve the best possible vision for our patients through the latest technology in medical, surgical, and optical care.  Getting your eyes healthy and keeping them that way is our highest priority.

Our services range from routine eye exams to on-site surgery for those who need it. Our doctors and staff understand that your vision is precious, as well as your time. In addition to offering the latest in technology to diagnose, correct, and support the health of your eyes, we provide all these services under one roof, offering an ease and convenience you won't find anywhere else.

Through our dedication and commitment to our patients, we have been honored as St. Augustine's Favorite Eye Center for over ten years and counting. Visit us at the Eye Center of St. Augustine and SEE the difference.

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Eyelid surgery really changed my life. Thanks, Dr. Hund!

Droopy eyelids were a persistent nuisance for hair stylist Diana. “Not just a nuisance, the problem affected my peripheral vision,” said Diana. A trip to the Eye Center and subsequent eyelid surgery by Dr. Hund gave Diana a new look and a changed life. “Dr. Hund is excellent. I would trust him with anything to do with my eyes,” said Diana. “After the surgery, I immediately saw a difference. If you want to have better vision with less droop on the eyelids, you should consider seeing Dr. Hund


I didn’t realize until after the surgery what I was missing!

My sight was so bad. I had worn glasses with thick lenses since 12 years old, and it was getting worse,” said Lee, a Palm Coast resident since 2002. “Dr. Hund found that I had cataracts when I saw him at the Palm Coast office. Dr. Hund is one of the most caring individuals, very considerate; and the staff at the Eye Center is tops in my book, very attentive. After the surgery, things were much clearer, much brighter! I didn’t realize until after the surgery what I had been missing! I’m just so pleased to be able to see!


I felt like I had been given my sight back!

I first noticed that I could not read the telephone book while working. I had to use a magnifying glass,” said Suzanne, a licensed Realtor with Century 21 St. Augustine Properties. “Dr. Dagostino from the Eye Center found that I had cataracts and referred me to Dr. Hund for surgery. Dr. Hund is very calm. He explained everything. The procedure was over in a flash... I didn’t feel a thing! After surgery, colors were brighter and everything was clearer. I felt like I had been given my sight back!

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